Friday, June 21, 2013

curbside thoughts

[Inspired by my commute to work and "Welcome Home," by Radical Face]

If I walk along the edge of the curb
Hard concrete to my left
Bright green grass to my right
Will you be the one to steady my steps?
I’m stumbling again
Into mellow contentment
And then heartless dark
Neither of which please my dreamer’s soul
Which, unlike most, must be taught to hope

Peace does not come easily
When my naïve idealism
Assumes it can change reality’s norms
And finds itself mistaken
I cannot remain
Cannot remain stable
Why expect balance in the middle
When I was only meant to trip
On one side or the other?

I know you’ve seen me fall
Fall thousands of times
Your patience is everlasting
Who is this man who died
So that I could fall
And be brought back to home every time?
Teach me to sing your new song
I cannot walk alone
And you are by my side
Even there your hand will guide me
Your right hand will hold me fast


{Peel the scars from off my back, I don’t need them anymore}

1 comment:

Art said...

I so treasured our time talking on Saturday - hope you know that.

{and hope does not put us to shame}