Tuesday, April 16, 2013

grace upon grace

[Inspired by "Everything You're Not Supposed to Be," Damien Rice & Melanie Laurent, and John 1:16]

The sunshine is playing tricks with my mind
It's cold outside, but looks so warm
So I grab my coat and head to class
My walking turns to prancing
As I realize the warmth
Is as true as the cold I felt before
It's all a matter of perspective
In this strangely wonderful springtime weather

Birds singing, trees budding
Flowers appearing where mud was yesterday
I'm encountering bliss so expected
Yet unexpectedly new and glorious
Forgive my fright
Forgive my lack of faith
Forgive my lonely selfishness
All shall be made new

If the spring does not hold a grudge
Against winter for being cold
How can I?
If spring fulfills all of fall's promises
How can I be bitter about the winter
That came in between?
You have always been faithful to me
So why does my trust depend on the sunshine?

[I know I was everything
You're not supposed to be
To someone that you love]
And yet, You love me
Forgetful and faithless as I am
From his fullness we have received
Grace upon grace
In both winter and spring
{and hope does not put us to shame}