Friday, October 19, 2012

all is grace

Most melancholy days are foggy
This one was just cloudy
Watching the skies, enraptured
I seek out blue patches of light
The day is not luminescent
Nor does the sunset boast loudly
It’s only me and the clouds
Traveling, while I still stay
Lost in wonder, maybe
Afraid that I am trapped, more likely
I remember that water is no wall
That clouds protect me from weather
And light penetrates the thickest of those covers

Most days, I am a cloud
Today, that flower is me
Except I stole the cloud’s tears
Now with both raindrops and petals
I know my weakness
My stem is straining from the weight
When I thought the water would cure me
Would that my petals would break
Stretch and rip as consequence
For my selfish thirst
But the clouds do not condemn me
The blue sky does not condemn me
Sunshine does not condemn me
Only I condemn me
As warmth returns
It lifts the weight of pity
From my fragile frame
All is grace
All is grace
{and hope does not put us to shame}