Saturday, June 30, 2012


[written 3.10.12]

Unwind the yarn
That you wrapped around itself again
So tightly

I know you hate the mess
But just this once
Let it be 

Leave the curly wool all over the floor
As you tug out
Your knitting

If you must destroy your efforts
At least tell me the story behind
Each dropped stitch

I promise to listen carefully
While you explain the disjointed reasons
For every mistake

Don’t rush to reroll this ball
Just hand me the kitten’s playground
For I will wait

Come, I will hold you close
While you ponder how it was
Supposed to be

And if the new stitches hurt too much
Give me the needles and I will knit
Beauty for you


You’re mine and that’s it. Forever.

Friday, June 22, 2012


The wind was rising
The sky darkening
The trees swaying
And the color dropped from my cheeks

My hair was twisting
My fingers trembling
My breath tripping
For storms tend to catch me easily

Yet somehow, I survive
I never know why
My countenance steadies
I'm rooted more firmly to truth by trust

On days like this
I want nothing more
Than to be swept away
Carried off by blowing trepidation

Pull me into the cyclone
Grab me by the wrists
Spin me into confusion
Teach me to pursue Your safety

Until storms shall cease
Let me feel the wind
Surging through the clouds
And let find my only home in You
{and hope does not put us to shame}