Friday, April 13, 2012


Petals sail to the ground
As if loss is meaningless
Because of magic snow
But the blossom understood

There were green leaves
Forming in the branches
As they always do
Taken for granted that spring

Familiar with falling
Acquainted with unhappy endings
The blossom understood seasons
Nothing lasts forever

Now her hopes become fruit
And the leaves remain the same
They never understood change
Once grown, holding on

April showers come torrentially
She closes her eyes to the storm
How fragile is hope in the rain
Fright and loss seem inevitably linked

Her eyes open to a tempest
Raging winds stealing innocent leaves
No quiet resting place for them
Only chaos and rot

What she had seen as immobile
Was being torn from home
Resistance, a fantasy
Instability, understood

Yet what remained, grew
Brighter and greener still
Despite their loss
The leaves understood fidelity

That day I looked at you
And saw a resilient history
Of fear and strength
That we both understood

Of light and of life 
Our love is mutual
And the blossom knew she could
Find beauty in the green.
{and hope does not put us to shame}